Bellamy Harrison Animal Hospital's current location consists of 5,000 square feet and was constructed in 1997.

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Located at 790 Lillooet Street West on a 1.3 acre lot allows easy access with ample parking.

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Clients are encouraged to make appointments, but walk-ins and emergencies are accommodated.

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We appreciate you have a busy schedule and do our best to avoid wait time, in a family friendly environment.


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The clinic uses three examination rooms, all equipped with networked computers, allowing your pets' medical records to be viewed, recorded and stored electronically.

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Technicians assist doctors, owners and pets on most visits.


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Laboratory testing is an important aspect of modern veterinary care. Our hospital maintains a comprehensive laboratory allowing many diagnostic tests to be completed while you pet is being examined.

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Computer enhanced X-rays further enhances our in-house diagnostics. If necessary X-rays can be sent electronically to specialists throughout North America.


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Our hospital provides all types of surgical procedures, from routine spays and neuters, to advanced orthopaedic and cancer surgeries.

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Intravenous fluids support the patient through surgery, speed recovery from anaesthesia and allows a portal for most effective pain medication.

Dental Care

Dental disease causes more unrecognized suffering and general ill health in pets than any other health issue. Our veterinarians and technicians have all taken advanced training in veterinary dentistry, including dental x-rays.

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Hospital Wards

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Hospitalized patients are kept in climate controlled stainless steel enclosures, allowing a safe sterile environment to speed recovery.

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Larger patients are housed in runs with in-floor heating and cooling.

Outdoor Runs

Recovering animals benefit from fresh air. So when weather permits hospitalized pets are allowed to exercise in outdoor kennelling.

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Bellamy Harrison Animal Hospital is a mixed animal practice and takes great pride in caring for all types of animals.

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